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Paint Session for Babies | Lucas

Cake smash session is a great way to celebrate baby’s first birthday however, some parents are concerned about giving a 12-month-old sugar for the first time. There are many options for a cake smash alternative and all kind of foods that can be used during a birthday photo session that is cake-free!

If you don’t like your baby to have a cake for their cake smash session, you can choose any other food that you baby enjoy and that is sugar-free. Fruits (my favourites are watermelon, strawberry and orange), pizza, spaghetti, chicken wings, pancakes, you name it! There are many fun ways to celebrate and capture your baby’s birthday photography session.

Another alternative is a Paint Session! Babies put everything on their mouth, so you want to make sure that you don’t use real paint for these sessions. On the photos below from my son’s paint session done in my studio in Richmond BC, I used plain greek yogurt and added food colouring. Safe, yummy and so easy to make. You can also make this at home for your toddler to play with (hello if you are looking for some cool ideas to entertain your little one during quarantine!).

My son Lucas (and I)  had so much fun during his paint session! It was very messy and he showed us the great artist he already is!

If you you are looking for a cake free birthday photo session for your little one, have a look at those photos below and let me know what you think!

Paint Sessions can also be done with younger or older babies and not only for birthdays. Lucas was 16 months when we did his paint photography session. Paint sessions are available in my studio in Richmond for babies from 6 months old and up. Contact me if you would like more info.



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Studio Reopening – COVID 19 Update

I’m so happy that we reopened the studio and I can snuggle babies all day again!


There is no higher priority than the safety of our clients and we want you to feel confident coming to our session during the outbreak.


We always take cleanliness very seriously since we work with newborn and babies in our studio. These are some things we currently do at Amanda Dams Photography:

  • We clean and sanitize the studio after each session as well as wash all blankets and accessories used during the session.
  • Hands are washed and sanitized regularly
  • Please leave your shoes at the door and sanitize your hands when coming to the studio

Extra steps that have been implemented for the safety of your family:

  • We only book one session/client a day.
  • Only the baby and parents (and siblings if they will be in the photos) are allowed in the studio. Please, no grandparents or any other family member at this time.
  • Extra sanitizing and mask used by the photographer and assistant
  • For older babies, the parents can pose them with my directions, so I can keep a distance.

Please contact me ASAP if your child or anyone in your family is ill to reschedule your session. A rescheduling fee is not required. Thank you for helping to keep my studio and my family healthy too, please remember I handle many newborns and young babies in my studio.


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Maternity Session in Downtown Vancouver BC | Nina

Maternity Session outdoors is one of my favourites! I love to be outside and explore the many beautiful locations we have in Vancouver, perfect for a maternity photo session. The cold and rain didn’t stop us and I had a great time with this beautiful family, soon to be a family of four. I also photographed Nina when she was expecting baby Maya, and it’s an honour to create those memories of the most important moments of their lives. I also love to see how much the little ones have grown since their newborn sessions.

Downtown Vancouver is a beautiful place and a great location for a maternity session outdoor. There are so many backgrounds to photograph and see.

I do offer maternity sessions outdoor or in my studio in Richmond, just across the street from Ikea. I also offer gowns and accessories for the expecting mamas.

Partner and older children (and pets) are always welcome to join the session too!

Please visit my Maternity Session Portfolio to see more examples of maternity sessions done in studio or outdoor location.


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8 Tips for Safety During a Newborn Session

Baby safety is always our top priority at Amanda Dams Photography. On this post, you will find some tips of things we do at my studio for handling a baby during a newborn photography session.

  1. Use an assistant (or ask the parents for help if you don’t have one) to spot the baby in all the setups – NEVER let the baby unattended!
  2. Sanitize your hands constantly throughout the session, clean the studio and wash all fabrics and accessories used before between sessions.
  3. Use a weight in the bottom of the bucket or basket, if you are using one for the photos.
  4. Don’t forget to always wear a neck strap around the camera, especially when photographing from above.
  5. Keep the studio warm, ideally around 27-29 degree Celsius.
  6. Don’t force a pose. Every baby is different and if they don’t like a certain pose, just move to another one.
  7. Make sure the baby is always comfortable and fed during the session.
  8. If you see the baby’s feet or hands turn deep red, blue, or purple, you need to readjust the baby or possibly move the baby to a different position.



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Studio Maternity Session in Richmond BC

Maternity sessions are an amazing way to capture the first bond with the new life you have created. This is a time to celebrate you and all that you are doing for your little one and capture the beauty within you. Professional hair and makeup artistry can be added to your session for an additional fee so that all you have to do is show up and you will be pampered and feel beautiful, strong, and glowing in the planned wardrobe. The session will move at a calm and relaxed pace, giving breaks when needed, to provide an unforgettable experience and create stunning portraits of this momentous time in your life.


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