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Mar 18, 2022 | Featured Photography, Maternity Photography Blog

If you are looking for the best in Calgary maternity photography, you’ve come to the right place! Amanda loves shooting pregnancy, newborns, and families in Calgary, AB.

She is an experienced photographer who specializes in natural-looking maternity photography that captures your special moments just as they happen. Amanda has been photographing families and pregnant bellies since 2013, so she knows a thing or two about taking beautiful photographs. We want to show you how she does it – here are some tips on how to prepare for your next maternity photoshoot with us!

Calgary maternity photography on a lake in Canada

Why you should book a Calgary maternity photography

Maternity photography is a very special time in your life. It’s a moment that you’ll always look back on and one that deserves to be captured beautifully. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible during your pregnancy, so here are some tips on how to get ready for your photo session!

Make sure you’re feeling well– if you are feeling under the weather or if you’re experiencing any complications, we can always reschedule and capture these moments when you are feeling better.

Preparing for maternity photography may mean getting an outfit ready for the shoot, but it doesn’t end there. We want to make sure that we not only capture who you were during this pregnancy, but who you want to be as well. Think about what outfits or accessories might show off what’s important to you like your favourite colour, animal, or flower?

Remember this is a special time and everyone wants to see those beautiful pictures of their family growing bigger and happier each day.

Calgary maternity photography at a park

What to wear for your Calgary maternity photography

What to wear for your maternity photography? The style of clothing you choose for the day of your photoshoot will depend on your personal preference and what you feel most comfortable in.

If you are not much of a fashionista, don’t worry! There are ways to dress up an outfit that otherwise may not be considered formal or fancy. You can dress up maternity jeans with a cute top, boots, and jewellery.

On the other hand, if you love clothes, there are many different outfits to choose from. You can wear something sleek or something more laid-back – depending on what mood you want to capture! One tip is to avoid wearing clothing with lots of busy prints or patterns because these photographs may show the details of the garments better than they will appear in print.

Calgary maternity photography fall season

What to bring with you to your Calgary maternity photography

You’ve booked a Calgary maternity photography, now what? You want to make sure you’re prepared for your photo shoot by bringing the appropriate items with you. First, it’s important to bring clothing that is going to flatter your bump. Try and choose an outfit that will show off your bump in all its glory while still looking stylish. It’s also good to bring some extras like a cardigan or jacket just in case it’s cold on the day of your shoot. If you’re having trouble deciding which clothes are right for you, talk to Amanda over the phone or email and she can help!

Next, bring any props you may want to use in your photographs. This may be flowers from home, baby clothes or toys from your child, family heirlooms etcetera.

Lastly, make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you during your shoot as well as money for a taxi ride back home after the shoot if need be.

Calgary maternity photography in blue dress

How to look your best for your Calgary maternity photography

1. Consider what you want your photo to say about you

What mood are you going for? Do you want to feel powerful and confident, or sweet and modest?

2. Make sure your lips are hydrated

Your lips will look less dry and plumper if they are hydrated. You can use lip balm, apply a moisturizing chapstick, or drink lots of water to keep your lips looking healthy.

3. Consider what outfit you’ll wear

Some people like to wear dresses for their maternity photoshoots, while others prefer pants and skirts. Some people like wearing bright colours for their photoshoot – this makes the photos pop! You can also think about which items will be easiest to move in or photograph in, depending on what type of clothes you want to wear in your shoot.

4. Make sure your hair is styled the way you want it

Do you want curly hair? Straight hair? Bouncy curls? Curly bangs framing your face? We can do any hairstyle that suits your preferences! The options are endless with the help of our makeup artist!

Calgary maternity photography with flowers

Preparing for the big day

The day of your shoot is finally here! These are some tips to help make sure that you get the best images possible.

– Hydrate: It may be tempting to skip the water when you’re pregnant but it’s important to keep up with your daily hydration. This will not only make you feel better but also reduce those pesky pregnancy symptoms like headaches and nausea!

– Wear the right clothes: You may want to wear something other than your yoga pants when going in for a photo shoot, so put on something that makes you feel good and is flattering. If your tummy is showing, try wearing a top that covers that area or choose a style that doesn’t focus as much on it.

– Bring family members: We love capturing those special moments between you and your loved ones; bring them along for some extra photos before or after the photoshoot! The kids in particular can provide some great smiles and expressions in front of the camera.

– Arrive on time: Your photographer will need time to set up the shots, prepare props and gather their equipment before they start shooting. Leave enough time for this so they don’t have to rush through everything at once during your session!

Calgary maternity photography on sunset


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