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Pregnancy is a time of great change. Maternity portraits are a fantastic way to capture your body’s changes as you await the arrival of the new addition to your family. It can also be a time of uncertainty. Even if you aren’t overjoyed with the changes in your body right now, these images will become a treasured part of this very special time in your life in years to come.


My maternity photography sessions are fun and relaxed. I will do my very best to choose poses and lighting that are flattering to your changing body. All of my photos are digitally refined to enhance your natural beauty. My goal is to make you feel and look as radiant and beautiful as possible!


The ideal time for a maternity photography session is between 30-34 weeks. We want your belly to be beautiful and round but it would best to get the shots before you are too uncomfortable.

Before your maternity photography session, we will chat and discuss your goals and preferences for your photoshoot, as well as decide if you prefer a studio photography session or an outdoor photography session. I have maternity gowns and accessories for you to try and select your favourites. If you are comfortable with nude/skin shots and/or fabric shots, I have plenty of lovely fabric and wardrobe in the studio. Lacey boy shorts and bras, as well as lingerie, add a nice touch under fabric or alone. I will respect your style and create images that you will LOVE.


If your partner and/or other children will be participating in the photo session, they should wear solid clothing that coordinates with yours and I will give you some advice once we decide your wardrobe during the pre-consultation meeting.


Most studio maternity photography sessions take about one hour (+1 hour for hair & makeup if you choose this add-on). Some of that time will involve setting up the shots and lighting, changing clothes and discussing poses and ideas. Outdoors maternity photography sessions are also about 1 hour long. Photo sessions are always laid back and fun. I will take my time to make sure we capture some amazing shots of you and your growing belly.

Studio Photography Session
The advantage is convenience and control. You can shoot any time of the day regardless of weather.


Outdoor Photography Session
The natural beauty of a pregnant woman in a beautiful outdoor backdrop is simply breathtaking! Disadvantages are that the shoot is weather-dependent and shooting hours are limited to the golden hour of sunrise or sunset (when the quality of natural light is at its best). Reschedules can happen and may trigger the rescheduling of other related appointments (e.g. professional makeup and hair artist, etc.). Remember your bug spray. Be prepared to walk/hike to the location and change outfits outdoors.


What to Expect

Before the session, we will chat about your goals for the photo session as well as define wardrobe and poses that you like. This step is done via video call. We will find a day and time that works for both of us to schedule your maternity photography session. I will send you a “Preparation Guide” with more information about the photo session, how to prepare, what to bring, etc. Your booking is completed only after completing an online agreement and paying for the session fee, at least 7 days prior to the photography session.


During the session relax and have fun. Forget all worries and just enjoy the moment, this is YOUR day! For a studio photography session, we will do different backgrounds and outfits based on what we've discussed during the pre-consultation. For an outdoor photography session, we will take a walk and create portraits exploring the different backgrounds available.


After the session, we will meet again at my studio in 1-2 weeks for your View&Order appointment where you will select your favourite images from your maternity photography session and I will assist you in designing artwork specific to your unique style. The editing process will take about 3 weeks after your selection.

If you like to know more about prices and what is included in the Maternity Photography Session, please visit the Investment page.

If you'd like to book a Maternity photo session, please don't hesitate to message me using our contact page.

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