What to Wear for Newborn Photography – The Dos and Dont’s of Wardrobe

Jun 21, 2022 | Featured Photography, Newborn Photography Blog

Did you know that the first few days after your newborn’s arrival are actually the best time to snap those photo shoots? In fact, within their first week of life, babies tend to sleep most of the day. So if you’re eager to document these precious moments as soon as humanly possible – without forgetting about them later on – now is definitely the moment to start planning things through. And what better way to do so than by gearing up with a solid wardrobe plan for your photo shoot?

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What to Wear for a Newborn Photo Shoot

You might not be aware of this, but the way you dress for your newborn photo shoot adds gloss to your image. After all, the kind of attire you decide to go for will determine how you look in the finished product. What’s more, it will also set the tone for the entire shoot. So if you don’t want your photo shoot to be overshadowed by a bad wardrobe decision, make sure to dress accordingly. In terms of what to wear for a newborn photo shoot, you can go with a wide range of clothing options. Simply put, you can go with casual or formal wear, depending on the look you’re going for. That said, it’s best if you opt for clothes that are simple and easy to accessorize. After all, newborn photo shoots will most likely feature your baby wrapped up in blankets.

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Must-Have Outfits for a Newborn Photo Shoot

Whatever you decide to go for, make sure to have these outfits in your wardrobe before the photo shoot.

  • Black and white – This is a timeless combination that can be played around with in a variety of ways. You can go for a simple black and white photo shoot. The tie-in with newborn photography is obvious – the simplicity of the colours and patterns on the garments will work perfectly with the accessories and props on the photo shoot.
  • Coordinate but don’t match outfits – choose a colour scheme – mix and match colours so that everyone flows and coordinates. Choosing the right colours is really going to take your professional portrait to the next level. I would recommend you choose 2 or 3 colours and then mix and match them between you. Visit my Pinterest Board for some inspiration:  Wardrobe Ideas for Family Photos.

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Do’s and Dont’s During a Newborn Photo Shoot

We do use fabrics that are natural because they are best for newborn photography. Cotton, linen, and other fabrics like silk or polyester will make your baby too hot. Clothing should be comfortable and make everyone feel confident.

Don’t wear clothing that is too loose so it can get in the way and make it difficult to take good shots of you. It can also get caught in the baby’s hands or feet, which can pose a hazard to the child. Avoid graphic/logo t-shirts, hats, or anything distractive.

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Final Words

This is the best time to capture your baby’s purest and most natural state. This means that it is essential to avoid dressing in ways that are too flashy. So once you’ve finalized your wardrobe, be sure to ignore any urge to go overboard. And most importantly, remember to enjoy the process. After all, these shoots last for just a few hours – a tiny fraction of your baby’s lifetime. So enjoy every single second of it!


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