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Newborn sessions take place in my photography studio in Richmond, BC. It lasts 2-3 hours, so we have enough time to cuddle, feed and pose the baby with no rush. For in-home newborn photography, please take a look at Family Session Info Page.


The best time to schedule a newborn photography session is within 2 weeks after birth. At this time babies are more sleepy and curly and we can get most of the cute poses you see here on my website.


It is very important to schedule your newborn photography session before baby arrives. I know that once your baby is born, you’ll have a lot on your mind, and selecting a photographer might not be the first thing on your list. That’s why it’s best to book your baby’s photography session a couple months before your due date. I will add your estimated due date to my calendar and once your little one arrives we will schedule your newborn photography session within the first two weeks. I only book a few sessions a month so my calendar is very flexible. Even if baby arrives before or after your due date we will find a date and time that work for both of us.

What if my baby is already born? I’m always happy to photograph older babies with the understanding that we might get only awake and wrapped shots. If your baby is already born don’t hesitate to contact me, I sometimes have last-minute openings!

I offer a complete set of props and accessories, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you would like to do some family shots, we will do those at the beginning of the newborn photography session.


What to Expect

Before the session, we will chat about your goals for the photo session as well as define props and colours that you like. This step is done via video call and through an online questionnaire. Once your little one arrives, please contact me within 48 hours after birth to let me know the big news. We will find a day and time that works for both of us to schedule your newborn photography session. I will send you a “Preparation Guide” with more information about the photo session, how to prepare, what to bring, what to wear, etc. Your booking is completed only after completing an online agreement and paying for the session fee, at least 48 hours prior to the photo session.


During the session relax and have fun! Your baby will sense your mood. Feel free to bring along books, iPad, laptop or any drinks or snacks. Parents and siblings shots are done at the beginning of the photography session. I have plenty of experience working with newborns and you should always expect the unexpected. Pee, poop will happen and don’t panic or be embarrassed, it’s a normal part of the newborn photography sessions and it happens all the time. I wash all used blankets, wraps and outfits after every photo session and the studio is always kept very clean. Baby will also have fussy moments, and that is just fine. You won’t be rushed through your photo session, and we will have plenty of time to cuddle, change, feed and relax your little one. A newborn photography session can take up to three hours and we will respect all needs of your baby.


After the session, we will meet again at my studio in 1-2 weeks for your View&Order appointment where you will select your favourite images from your newborn photography session and I will assist you in designing artwork specific to your unique style. The editing process will take about 3 weeks after your selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I book my photo session? Contact us by email and let us know what you’re interested in and when you’d like to schedule a photo session. Please visit our investment page for pricing details. Online agreement and session fee are required to confirm booking.


- Will I receive all the images from my photo session? 
You will decide the number of images on your View&Order appointment, usually a week after your photo session. This is a one-to-one meeting with Amanda so she can help you materialize your memories from your newborn photography session.


- How many images will I receive? The minimum order is 10 images, but you have the option to buy 20 images/30 images or all images.


- How much editing do you do? All my images get colour corrections, some light touch-ups if needed and a light skin smoothing layer. My goal is to always make the image look as close as possible to how the scene looked to our eyes. If more specific retouching is needed, it is available for an additional fee. Amanda Dams Photography does not sell RAW or unedited images.


- How long does it take until I can view my images? At the end of your newborn photography session, we'll book a date and time for your View&Order appointment. All print orders and selections will occur at this appointment. Please allow 3 weeks for the editing process.


- Where will my session take place? All newborn and baby sessions take place at my studio at

160-11880 Hammersmith Way
Richmond BC
V7A 5C8


- When should I book my newborn photography session? It is very important to schedule your photo session before the baby arrives! I will add your due date to my calendar and once your little one arrives we will schedule your newborn photography session between 5-10 days.


- My baby is already born. Is it too late to schedule a newborn photography session? No! While I generally book newborn photo sessions many months in advance, I sometimes have last-minute openings. I recommend that newborn photo sessions take place within the first two weeks of life, but I am always happy to photograph older newborns with the understanding that it may not be possible to achieve the type of images that work with a very young newborn.


- What should I bring? For baby photo sessions: outfit changes, a drink, favourite toy, special stuffed animal. Please make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session for a more comfortable and positive experience.


- What should I wear? Coordinate but don’t match. I recommend picking 2-3 colours and choose clothes that will fit this colour scheme. Please visit my ‘what to wear‘ Pinterest board for some ideas.


- What products do you offer? The true treasure of your portrait session is the creation of stunning custom portraits for display in your home. I offer many different albums, print boxes, canvases, and fine art prints to choose from. I partnered with one of the best professional labs in the world to make sure your photos will stand out at your home. Please contact me to receive the full list of products and pricing.


- How do I place an order? You will decide which products and the number of images on your View&Order appointment, usually a week after your photo session. This is a one-to-one meeting with Amanda so she can help you materialize your memories from your newborn photography session.


- What type of payments do you accept? Credit/Debit cards, cash or e-transfer, and depending on how much your total is, instalment payments are available.

If you like to know more about prices and Newborn Photography Session Investment, please visit the Investment.

If you'd like to book a Newborn Photography session, please don't hesitate to message me using our contact page.

Email: [email protected]Phone: (604) 401-5727(by appointment only)160-11880 Hammersmith Way, Richmon​d - bc
(by appointment only)


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