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Jul 18, 2017 | Newborn Photography Blog

“My baby got acne, should I reschedule my newborn session?”

There are some skin issues that appear a lot with baby photography: baby acne and peeling skin. They typically appear all of sudden and if it happens before your newborn photography session, you would possibly feel the urge to reschedule. however that’s entirely needless, and here’s why.

Baby acne and peeling skin appear on almost every baby that’s ever been born, they are just temporary and they usually go away after a couple of days, however, if it happens to your baby right before you have a professional newborn photography session coming up you would possibly panic…but you don’t need to worry!

Other skin conditions you may notice on your baby before your newborn shoot include: jaundice, bruising, pink skin, purple feet, heat rash/bumps, etc.

So should I simply Wait Or Reschedule? 

While the choice is certainly yours to make, rescheduling isn’t necessary. Baby skin problems are so common in baby photography, and I’ve experienced one, two or all of those problems with most of the newborns that come in for their newborn photography session. There are numerous ways to help baby acne, peeling skin, and any other skin problems go away. For example, my lighting is incredibly flattering for each baby and for those who have a bit of skin issue happening that specific day, my lighting can minimize the problem. Also, I’m extremely experienced in newborn skin editing (thank you, Photoshop!), I know the most recent techniques and have specific Photoshop actions for the skin. There’s a fine line between making a baby’s skin look perfect and making it look plastic. I know where that line is and I will make your baby’s skin perfect.

By keeping your session during those initial few days of your baby’s life and letting me worry about any skin issue your baby has, you’ll be able to get spectacularly lovely photos of your baby in those precious early days when they’re still little, squishy and sleepy. If you’re still worried about your baby’s acne and how it would affect your photography session, please don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about it.

Now, enjoy my favourite images of sweet baby Tom, 9 days new and cute as can be!

Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Blue Blanket Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Baby Boy With Hat Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Grey Blanket Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Baby Boy Wearing Clothes Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Baby Boy Brown Wrap Beige Fur Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Baby Boy Holding Teddy Bear Amanda Dams Newborn Photography Baby Boy Closeup


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