The Importance of Play: 10 Ways to Encourage Playtime in Your Child’s Life

Mar 23, 2023 | Featured Photography

As a parent, you probably know how important it is for your child to play. Playtime helps your child develop important skills like problem-solving, creativity, and socialization. But sometimes it can be challenging to know how to encourage playtime, especially when your child seems more interested in screens than toys. Here are 10 ways to encourage playtime in your child’s life:

  1. Schedule Playtime
  2. Children thrive on routine, so it’s important to set aside regular times each day for unstructured playtime. This could be after school, after dinner, or on weekends. It’s important to make sure your child has enough time to engage in activities they enjoy without feeling rushed or hurried.

  3. Provide a Variety of Toys
  4. Children learn through play, so it’s important to provide them with various toys that stimulate their senses and challenge their developing skills. Simple toys like blocks, balls, and puzzles are great for younger children, while older children might enjoy craft supplies, board games, and sports equipment.

    Playtime Baby Blocks

  5. Encourage Imaginative Play
  6. Imaginative play is essential for children’s development as it helps them learn to problem-solve, communicate, and express themselves. Encourage your child to use their imagination by providing them with props like costumes, puppets, and playhouses.

  7. Play With Your Child
  8. Joining in on your child’s playtime is not only a great way to bond with them, but it also shows them how to have fun and can inspire their creativity. Be silly, use your imagination, and have fun with your child.

  9. Take Baby Photography
  10. Capturing your child’s playtime through baby photography is a great way to document their growth and development. Take candid shots of your child at play, or set up a mini photoshoot with their favourite toys.

    Baby Photography 100 Days Photos Baby Smiling On Cream Fur

    Baby Smiling by Amanda Dams Phography

  11. Limit Screen Time
  12. While screens can be a great source of entertainment for children, it’s important to set limits on screen time and encourage them to spend more time playing with toys and other children. Screen time can be addictive, and it’s important for children to learn how to entertain themselves without relying on screens.

  13. Create a Play-friendly Environment
  14. Make sure your home has a safe and inviting space for your child to play. This could mean creating a playroom, setting up a tent in the backyard, or simply clearing a space on the floor for them to spread out their toys.

    Toddler Playtime Home

  15. Let your Child Lead
  16. Allowing your child to take the lead in their playtime encourages their independence and creativity. Let them choose the activities they want to engage in and allow them to set the pace.

  17. Give your Child Independence
  18. While it’s important to supervise younger children during playtime, allowing them to play independently is also essential. This gives them a sense of autonomy and helps them develop self-confidence.

    Child Playtime Chalk

  19. Keep it Fun
  20. Remember that playtime should be fun for your child. Avoid putting too much pressure on them to perform or achieve specific outcomes. Allow them to experiment, explore, and learn at their own pace.


Encouraging playtime in your child’s life is essential for their overall growth and development. By following these 10 tips, you can create a fun and engaging environment that promotes play and creativity in your child. And who knows, you might even capture some amazing baby photography moments while you’re at it!


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