How to Prepare for Newborn Photos with Siblings

How to Prepare for Newborn Photos with Siblings

A family photo session is a perfect way to record a special milestone, and a new baby is a very important one. As soon as the parents come home with a new baby, the older siblings have mixed feelings. They are unable to understand that whether they should love their little brother/sister or will the new member of the family take their place. Having a professional photo session will provide the children to get connected with each other and you will surely enjoy your time.


Here is how you can prepare for a newborn photography session with Amanda Dams in Vancouver BC.

Make it about the family
Development of strong bond between the siblings is very important. It might be hard in the beginning but with patience and Amanda’s experience, you will notice love will flourish between the siblings during the newborn session. A common mistake that some parents make is to make everything about their newborn, this is the reason older siblings might feel ignored or jealous. It is better that you make everything about the family. It will make your older siblings feel like everyone is important to the family.


Let the children go with the flow
During the newborn session make sure that you let the children go with the flow. No doubt that there are a few photos in which you will guide your children to have certain expressions. However, for the rest of the photos let your children do what they want.

  • If the baby is crying do not calm him/her for the photos. Take a few pictures with the real expressions because when the baby is crying the expressions of older siblings will be more valuable.
  • The older siblings would like to have the poses of their own. Chances are their poses will fun and realistic.
  • Make sure that you get an unique family photo captured during the newborn session to keep it as a memory, this will probably be your first family photo with your newest addition to your family.


Wisely select your dress
One of the most important things that you have to deal with before your professional photo session, is the selection of the dresses. Make sure that the outfits you select are casual and coordinate together. Do not select shimmery clothes because they will not look cool in the photos. Selection of the dresses might be tough, so it is better that you start selecting the dresses at least 3 to 4 weeks before the newborn session. Ask for recommendations from the older siblings because it will make them feel connected.


Let the older sibling connect with the newborn
During the photo session, your older children would like to carry the newborn in their own hands. Make sure that you do not resist the urge. It will provide the chance to the older siblings to connect with the newborn in a better way. Make sure that you let them do what they want.
You might have done everything to prepare for your little one’s newborn session. However, selection of the ideal photographer might be a tough decision for you. Amanda Dams Photography provides the best photography experience in Vancouver Area and she is based in Richmond BC. Amanda Dams and her team have been working in the field for many years and will assure to provide you with the quality results. She will plan the entire session with you to create the best memories for your family.


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