7 Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Photos of Your Newborn

Getting professional photos of your newborn is one of the best ways to capture those first precious moments as a family. But before you run to the camera shop and start shelling out cash, let’s talk about why you should get your photos done professionally. As an official document of your family that you can hand down to future generations, your baby photos are an important part of the family album. Even though technology has come a long way, today’s digital photos don’t always do your baby justice. So why not get a professional photographer to capture these memories instead? Here are 7 good reasons why you should get professional photos of your newborn:

Your baby won’t sit still for the camera

Newborns are known for their fidgety personalities. They can’t stand to be still for very long, which makes taking them photo tricky. The photographer will have to work extra hard to get a good shot. If you choose to take on this task yourself, you’re likely to end up with some memorable images, but not the posed pictures you want for your album. Amanda and her vast experience will have no such issues with that. Your baby will be comfortable in Amanda’s props while she capture the best moments.

You have a great newborn photographer

Choosing a photographer is an important part of making your photos special. You want someone who will understand how important it is to get great photos of your baby without fussing over you too much. A good photographer will work with you to get the perfect shots while letting you enjoy your time as a new family.

You’ll have a hard time narrowing down your favourites

After you get over the shock of how amazing your baby is, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing which photos to keep. Newborn portraits are usually some of the most popular photos taken, but your baby may also be the most smiley when you get them. You may even find yourself drawn to photos of your baby in the hospital, as they’re a chance to capture those first precious moments as a family. After you take home all your favourites, you can’t decide which one to put on the wall. Amanda can help you choose the best ones from the collection of photos.

Your professional newborn photos will last a lifetime

No matter how careful you are with your photos, they’re going to fade with time. Digital photos don’t last nearly as long as a print does, but a professional photoshoot can help slow down the aging process. Not only will your photos look more vibrant, but they’ll also last much longer than the average picture you take with your phone. A professional photographer can help you choose photos that will last a lifetime and pass on through generations.


You’ll have a unique memento of this special time in your life

Newborns are a special time in any family’s life, and getting photos of your baby will be a special keepsake. No two newborn photos will be the same, and that’s what makes them so memorable. You’ll treasure these photos for years to come and be able to look back on them with your kids one day. If getting photos of your baby is a tradition for your family, getting professional photos will be a special treat.

You want an album to remember your baby’s first year

If you’re getting photos of your baby for the first time, you may want to have a professional photographer take photos of your baby throughout the year. As your baby grows, you can have the photographer take pictures of them sitting up, walking, talking, and having a cake smash! This will give you a complete record of your baby’s development and help you preserve these memories.

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