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Babies change so fast and it’s so important to capture each and every milestone of them!

Cake Smash Session is a great and exciting way to celebrate baby’s first year! We always have lots of fun during these birthday sessions. It is also available for older children. All ages should be celebrated!


I will provide the decoration and outfit based on the colours/theme of your choice. If you don't have any idea of what you want, don't worry, I'd love to send you some suggestions! I will also send you recommendations on the bakery and ideas for the cake.


I highly recommend booking your cake smash session at least 2-3 months in advance, so we have enough time to plan and order custom props if necessary.

Cake Smash lasts 60 minutes including a bubble bath at the end and the only thing you need to bring is the cake (and joy, of course!). Add another 30 minutes if you decide to include parents and siblings shots as well.


What to Expect

Before the session, we will chat about your goals for the session as well as define props and colours that you like. This step is done through email/video call and an online questionnaire. We will find a day and time that works for both of us to schedule your baby cake smash photography session. I will send you a “Preparation Guide” with more information about the session, how to prepare, what to bring, what to wear, etc. as well as suggestions for the bakery. Your booking is completed only after completing an online agreement and paying for the session fee, at least 7 days prior to the session.


During the session relax and have fun! Make sure your baby is fed and get a good nap before the session.
Don’t assume they will dive right in. All parents hope that their little one will dive in and make a mess of the cake, that’s what you are paying for! But that doesn’t always happen and that’s okay. Not every child wants to dive right in and make a mess no matter what tricks we try. It’s important to know that even if they don’t turn their cake into a gooey pile of crumbs, I am still able to catch fun images of them poking at it or carefully picking bits of icing or decorations. It’s also a good idea to bring along a favourite toy and some snacks in case your little one needs some encouragement.

Come prepared for one heck of a mess. One thing parents don’t often realize is that they too will likely become covered in cake and icing during the session (picture your little miss or mister running/crawling straight towards you with icing coated hands), so a change of clothes for everyone, not just the birthday boy or girl, is a good idea.


After the session, we will meet again at my studio in 1-2 weeks for your View&Order appointment where you will select your favourite images from your session and I will assist you in designing artwork specific to your unique style. The editing process will take about 3 weeks after your selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What if my baby doesn’t like the cake?
 Working with children you can always expect the unexpected. I cannot promise your baby will love the cake, and to be honest, some babies cry during the cake smash. However, I have many tricks that help your baby to enjoy the session and have fun, and I’m always able to capture cute and sweet moments of your little one. Remember the baby is just one year old and is often shy of exploring a new texture, shape or taste, especially when surrounded by adults making funny noises and clapping to egg them on. So, take away the anxiety. I suggest that parents practice at home, before the session, with a cupcake. This isn’t a foolproof solution but it has given me good results. By the way, a smaller portion may help uncover any allergies not known to parents earlier.


- My baby needs extra time to warm up, do I have to come earlier? 
I understand some babies need extra time to warm up in a different environment and that’s totally ok. You don’t need to come earlier to your session, and if you do I probably won’t be ready yet, but if your baby needs more time we will have a longer session (and there is no additional fee for that). You only leave my studio once I have a full gallery for you.


- Do you provide the cake for the cake smash session? The client is responsible for ordering and bringing the cake. I recommend Ela The House of Cakes. She gives my clients a discount and she also delivers to my studio for an additional fee. You are welcome to bring your own cake from your favourite bakery as well.


- Can I bring a cake from the grocery store? I do suggest that parents get a professional cake. The results are much better. I know that the trend is to go large, but we don’t need a three-layer cake. A medium/small cake gets the same results at a reasonable price.


- Do I have to bring an outfit? I have some outfits available at the studio and you are more than welcome to use them. If you are doing family photos, I recommend that you bring some outfits on your own to coordinate with parents' and/or siblings' outfits.


- I don’t want my baby to eat cake, can we do a cake smash session without a cake? Absolutely! If you don’t want your baby to eat cake, we can simply do a birthday setup without a cake. Another option is to include something more natural, like fruits, and do what I call “Fruit Smash”.


- I would like to use these photos for my baby’s birthday party next weekend, can you send me some photos earlier? Please keep in mind that the whole process, from shooting to the delivery of the images, takes 3-5 weeks and no image will be provided before that. So if you want to display these images at your little one's birthday party, please book your cake smash session in advance.


- Can we include some bubble bath shots at the end of the session?

 Absolutely! I love to include some bubble bath shots at the end of the session. This is a great way to clean your baby after the mess, and also a good opportunity to capture some smiles (especially when the baby didn't like the cake).
- When is the best time to schedule a Cake Smash session?

 I recommend booking your cake smash session 4-6 in advance so we have enough time to discuss the setup and I can order custom items if necessary. Although, if I have availability, the cake smash session can be booked 7 days prior to the session and we use the setups that I already have available at the studio.


- My child has a small scratch/bruise on their face, is that ok? I know kids at this age are on the move! Lots of falling and tripping. If your child has a small mark on their face, do not worry as I am able to touch it up in Photoshop.

If you like to know more about prices and what is included in the Cake Smash Session, please visit the Investment page.

If you'd like to book a Cake Smash photo session, please don't hesitate to message me using our contact page.

Email: [email protected]Phone: (604) 401-5727(by appointment only)160-11880 Hammersmith Way, Richmon​d - bc
(by appointment only)


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