8 Tips for Safety During a Newborn Session

Baby safety is always our top priority at Amanda Dams Photography. On this post, you will find some tips of things we do at my studio for handling a baby during a newborn photography session.

  1. Use an assistant (or ask the parents for help if you don’t have one) to spot the baby in all the setups – NEVER let the baby unattended!
  2. Sanitize your hands constantly throughout the session, clean the studio and wash all fabrics and accessories used before between sessions.
  3. Use a weight in the bottom of the bucket or basket, if you are using one for the photos.
  4. Don’t forget to always wear a neck strap around the camera, especially when photographing from above.
  5. Keep the studio warm, ideally around 27-29 degree Celsius.
  6. Don’t force a pose. Every baby is different and if they don’t like a certain pose, just move to another one.
  7. Make sure the baby is always comfortable and fed during the session.
  8. If you see the baby’s feet or hands turn deep red, blue, or purple, you need to readjust the baby or possibly move the baby to a different position.



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